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Genealogy Story – Scandinavian Roots

In a previous blog about my Norman Ancestors, I shows how the Russell family name originated in Normandy about 1000 years ago. I said in the introduction to the posting, “The area around Normandy had been settled by the Vikings in the early 900s, so the families there likely were of Viking origin.” I’ve now been able to connect the first Russell (Hugh de Roussel) back to his Scandinavian ancestors. Here are over 70 generations of my family tree (male line), going back to the 3rd century in Scandinavia and before that to roots in Turkey.

Back to Normandy

Alan Harold Russell (1948-)
Vernon Harold (1920-2006)
Erskine Harold (1894-1970)
Louis Morgan (1871-1946)
Walter J (1852-1895)
Silas (1803-1886)
Caleb (1780-)
John (1756-1833)
Robert (1722-1784)
John (1682-1778)
Robert (1630-1710)
Sir Robert (1600-1645)
Sir Thomas (1575-1632)
Sir John (1551-1593)
Sir Thomas (1519-1574)
John (1493-1556)
Robert (1468-1525)
Robert (1422-1502)
William (1368-1428)
Sir John (1340-1405)
Robert (1314-1376)
Nicholas (1287-1338)
James (1258-1300)
Robert (1230-1260)
Thomas (1202-)
John (1174-1224)
Odo (1160-)
Robert (1125-1201)
Robert (1082-)
Hugh (1040-1082)
Hugh de Roussel (1012-1077)

First to carry the family name, attending William the Conqueror at Hastings, and became Marshall of England, living in Dorset

The Normandy Portion

William Baron of Briquebec Burtram (970-1012)

Baron of Briquebec, son of Turstain de Bastembourg, Father of Robert Bertraam le Tort and Hugh de Rosel (Falaise Roll, table III)
William, surnamed Bertram, baron of Briquebec, living in 1012 had Hugh who received the castle and fief of Rosel. (Falaise Roll, pg. 61)

Thuston De Bastenburg De Montfort (943-1023)
Anslec De Bertrand (905-955) b. in Normandy

The Scandinavian Lineage

Note that the general form of Scandinavian names is that the son has his father’s first name plus the son/sson suffix. The information shown for Ragnald indicates that the current royal family of England would be my distant cousins.

Hrolf Rollo of More (885-909) in Norway
Hrollager of Iceland Ragnvaldsson (867-) in Maer, Norway
Ragnald I Earl of Orkney Eysteinsson (830-894) in Maer, Norway

Ragnald I was burned alive with his bodygards in his hall.
Earl of Sunnmore, Nordmore and Romsdal 
Ragnvald was well known historically as the founder of Normandy. Earl of Sunnmore, Nordmore aand Romsdal, was born in Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway and died at the Orkney Islands. He was the son of Eystein Glumra the noisy, Earl of Oppland and grandson of Halfdan the old. His second wife was Ragnhild Hrolfsdottir, daughter of Hrolfrr Nefjaa. Ragnvald was the father of Hrolf Ganger, the founder of Normandy. He was also the father of Turf-Einar, the ancestor of the jarls of Orkney.
He was the direct ancestor to William I of England, Edward II of England, James I of England and therefore, Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. He is therefore the ancestor of most of the royal families of Europe.

Eystein Glumra the noisy, Earl of Oppland (800-846)
Ivar Halfdansson (-830)
Halfdan Eysteinsson (768-800)
Eysteinn Halfdansson (736-780)
Halfdan Olafsson (704-750)
Olaf Ingladsson (682-710)
Inglad Braut Onundsson (660-681)
Braut Onund Ingvarsson (638-660)
Ingvar Eysteinsson (616-642)
Eystein Adiisson (594-620)
Adiis Ottarsson (572-605)
Ottar Eglisson (551-576)
Egil Aunsson (530-555)
Arun Jorundsson (509-544)
Jorund Yngvasson (487-)
Yngvi Alreksson (466-499)
Alrek Agnasson (445-536)
Agni Dagsson (424-459)
Dagr Dyggvasson (403-494)
Dyggvi Domarsson (382-473)
Domar Domaldsson (361-452)
Domaldi Visbursson (340-)
Visbur Upssala Vanlandasson (319-)
Vanlandi Svegdasson (298-389)
Sveigder Fjolnarsson (277-368)
Fjolnar Yngvi Freysson (256-281)
Yngvi Frey Njordsson (235-275)
Njord Farnakeson de Noatun (214-260)

Turkish Roots of the Scandinavians

All dates in this part are approximations

Yngvi Frey, King of Turkey (193-)
Bengori Frey (150-200)
Lnor Frey (120-)
Flocwald (100-191)
Godwulf (90?-163)
Geat Jat (70-125)
Taetwa Tecti (50-100)

Sceldwea (35b.c.-)


  1. Update 12/27/17 - Recent research has uncovered the fact that my great*6 grandfather, Robert Russell, was not a migrant from MA to NY. Rather, he was an immigrant to NY, likely from Scotland, around 1750. Since it is nearly impossible to trace the Russell family back through Scottish history, I cannot say where they were before that. However, Scottish tradition is that they are descended from the same Baron de Rozel in Normandy as indicated above. So my migration path above is incorrect, but may have the same ending.

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